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This Site was Created in 1998

Koolies Oldest Australian Working Breed                         Web Designer Tjukurpa


This site is Dedicated to Tjukurpa's Genetically cleared and certified, Generation bred Australian Koolies, Never to be confused with the page dedicated to Koolie Rescues also supported on this site

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Proud  to be the original Koolie site..

Founding Members/ Promoters of the Ethics of the Koolie Club of Australia and DNA confirmed bloodlines.

Reputable Breeders of Complete Koolies for Work/Service/Sport/Companion

Exporters of America's, Finland's, New Zealand's, Germany's, Switzerland's first registered, DNA tested, cleared and confirmed generation bred Koolie bloodlines

© Copyright 1998 - 2007, Tjukurpa Kennels web designer
Approved by Koolie Club of Australia

Check out all my favourite links here and at the bottom of the page, support them, support Australia.

Important Contacts

There are lots of sites for you to visit

Koolie Rescue Album


Please consider offering a rescue a second chance at the life all animals deserve.

If one here doesn't catch your eye, visit

Koolie Rescue for a greater selection

Contact Koolie Rescue for more information

Or contact 

 Koolie Adoption Nsw

Or Andrew Coombe at  Koolie Refuge Qld

It's a decision you'll never regret

Adopters of Koolie Rescues are invited to register their new companions in the Koolie club of Australia's Pet section a great way to stay in touch with our growing Koolie community, 

As Members of The Koolie Club of Australia all Koolie owners can now compete in all Australian National Kennel Council sanctioned events except showing, through the Sporting Register, in Vic, Nsw & Qld, under the breed name Australian Koolie



Owners if you don't intend to find homes for your puppies before the mating then have your Koolies desexed. Your own bred litters are so much more enjoyable when you know you have good forever homes waiting for them when they are ready to go. The Koolie Club of Australia is here to assist as much as we can, become a member, register your Koolies, keep in touch with the Koolie  community though our bi monthly newsletter. The best way to insure that your pups don't wind up on death row is to have a list of clients. As a member you can notify the club you intend to have a mating, send puppy notifications and photos.  The club will then display your photos on their site and inform new owners who are looking.  Please do your bit and be a responsible breeder and owner and help the Koolie Club of Australia  keep Koolies out of pet shops and pounds..

  Tjukurpa Koolie Albums

Order a Tjukurpa Puppy  


For over 11 years Tjukurpa has been Rescuing Koolies from all over Australia.  We bring them here to Victoria at our own expense.  Where we care for and assess each one for re-homing to good loving families.

We never destroy a Koolie unless severely aggressive and we try to place them back onto farms, where they can work, or they are adopted by Sport,  Service or active people and families with active lives.

All Koolies are inoculated, micro-chipped, vet checked, desexed on a heartworm/flea/worm protection, can be registered with the Koolie Club of Australia in their Pet Section and are covered by Tjukurpa's 30 day visitation, If your Koolie doesn't work out, we take it back.


Rescue & Animal site links that advertise Koolies

This Month Rescue

Meet Lucy, who has been surrendered to our care.  unfortunately her owners have learned that not everyone and every home is suitable for a Koolie.  Lucy is a Koolie x all white with perfect hearing and sight. Her owners have kept her inoculations up to date, have desexed her, micro-chipped her and have her on a flea/worm program and have given Lucy a 12 month vaccination against heartworm, all this to insure that Lucy has every chance of finding a great forever family. In her time with us Lucy has played with all the Koolies and showed she has a lovely nature and truly is devoted to people, she knows basic obedience, sit, come, leave and will make an excellent companion for a family or retired active couple, even a single.  Lucy is very gentle but will still love lots of walks and play time.

Deafeness doesn't have to come with a death sentence

There is more help available these days for owners with deaf dogs.  The upside of owning a deaf Koolie, they won't bark at the dogs next door or join in when the doggie chorus begins at three in the morning.

Even those with reduced eye sight adapt, one of my boys has only thirty percent of sight and yet plays and navigates around our small property and knows every inch of it. If you are interested and wish to learn more about deaf/blind dogs contact Liz Grewal  at gold_cross@hotmail.com and check out our deaf help page




Tjukurpa Kool Running



Koolie's Home 

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