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Koolie Rescue

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Kindly approved by Koolie Club of Australia

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I don't know why Koolies get dumped in pounds or need to be rescued, but they do and surprisingly most are of strong Koolie bloodlines.

 I believed we make a difference by rescuing Koolies and finding good homes for them.

Any Koolie that makes it here is never destroyed, unless aggressive.

At our own expense we transport Koolies from all parts of Australia.

There is a network of lovely caring people who watch out for Koolies and other breeds.

Who contact me the moment a Koolie is in need.

Who help provide transport and care for the Koolie till it arrives here.

Total strangers, most I have never met, who just send short emails telling me where I can rescue a Koolie.

My unsung heroes.

For every Koolie who is found another slips though the holes. 

If you would like to give a home, or help the rescue by fostering, transporting or pound watching.

Please contact me at tjukurpa@pacific.net.au. You can also visit our rescue links on the front page.


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 All Re-Homed Koolies Are

  •  Inoculated.

  •  Micro-chipped.

  • Desexed.

  • On a flea/worm program.

  •  Heart worm protection.

  • Vet checked.

  • Registered with the Koolie club of Australia.

  • Covered by Tjukurpa 30 day guarantee

  • If your Koolie doesn't suit we take it back.

  • Rescued Koolies are free to the right home.

  • All Koolies on this page have been re-homed

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Shadow came from Queenbeyan in Nsw and found her forever home with Elsie Nealon and her husband in Nsw, Elsie says Shadow lives up to her name and follows her husband everywhere


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